The Electronic Courses Service is provided to the members of ASPETE through the eclass platform.

The ASPETE eClass platform is a complete e-Learning Management System. Follows the philosophy of open source software and supports the Asynchronous Distance Learning service without restrictions and commitments. The service is accessed using a simple browser (web browser) without the requirement of specialized technical knowledge.

Distance Learning Platform

Undergraduate students ASPETE

According to a decision of the Board of ASPETE no. 11 / 19-03-2020, from March 26, 2020 and until the suspension by the Ministry of Education and Science of the extraordinary measures of operation of the HEIs, ASPETE starts the remote application of the program schedule of the theoretical traditions (theoretical courses or theoretical part of the courses) of the Academics Departments.

  • The eclass & MS Teams applications will be used for this purpose. In order to be able to log in to MS Teams it is necessary for students to use the data of their academic email.
  • For this purpose, all students are invited to immediately activate their academic email (in case they have not already done so).


The eclass platform for the EPPAIK and PESYP Programs by Acad. year 2021-2022 is https://eclass.prog.aspete.gr/ and not https://eclass.aspete.gr/

You do not need to register on the platform because you are registered and you were sent a Username and password to enter the platform https://eclass.prog.aspete.gr/ along with the username and password for the Acad. e-mail.


Visit the eclass website of ASPETE.
If you wish to access the platform with trainer-trainee rights, please fill out the registration form. The application will be sent to the responsible administrator who will create the account and send you the details via email.
Check the Announcements of each course in order to be informed about how to participate in the distance course.
Access for users with an ASPETE institutional account is done by selecting “Login” and enter your details. You now have access to the courses you are enrolled in.
Students who do not have an institutional account of ASPETE, can access the courses, you should send an email to itsupport@aspete.gr in order to be sent electronically (you must send in your request NAME, SURNAME, DEPARTMENT and AM) “.
The Teaching Staff of ASPETE, has the rights of an instructor in its courses so that it can upload educational material.

In any case that you do not have the details of your academic email (username / code) you must send an email to itsupport@aspete.gr in order to be sent electronically (you must send your NAME, SURNAME, DEPARTMENT and AM) in your request “.

Also any communication please be done only by the Academic e-mail.