OPAC Search Guide


The online catalog of the OPAC Library (On line Public Access Catalog) is the online search system of the collection of the Library & Information Center of ASPETE. The search in the list gives the results that include author bibliographic data, title as well as the registration number which indicates the position of the item on the shelf.

The electronic directory is accessed through the website https://opac.seab.gr/search~S2*eng

Search instructions

In the search fields we have the ability to write the words in uppercase or lowercase, in tones or without as long as they are spelled correctly. If you do not know exactly the spelling you can replace the letter with the question mark (?).

To identify the derivatives of a thematic term we use the asterisk (*) e.g. educator *, the results that will be given will include all the words that start with the term we gave, ie teacher, education, trainee, etc.

The words we write depending on which language (Greek, English, etc.) we use will have the corresponding results in the search.

Detailed instructions for searching in the online catalog of the Library & Information Center of ASPAITE.

  1. You connect to the website of the Library & Information Center of ASPETE and select Library Catalog-Public Electronic Catalog
  2. In the simple search we fill in the terms in 1 field and the type of the item (optional) 2 field.
  3. In the complex search
    we write a word or phrase (eg computer science or * computer science *)
    we select a field in which we want the word or phrase we are looking for to exist (eg title)
    we press Submit or enter.
  4. Results
    The results indicate the following information about the items:

The title of the book
The author of the book
The Traffic Number
Also shows the status of the item if it is on the shelf or if it is borrowed
The number of copies of each book

5. Display the full details of the item I am interested in

Click on the title and the full details of the material are displayed as well as copies that are in the collection.