Research Support

The Library & Information Center of ASPΕTE for the support and enhancement of the educational and scientific research prepared in the framework of the actions of the Academic Community of ASPΕTE provides functions, services and sources of information.

Specifically, to cover the educational, scientific and research information needs of the Members of the Academic Community of ASPΕTE, the following services are mentioned:

1. Informing the members of the Academic Community as well as the visitors about the services available to the Library regarding the support and processing of the research
2. Individual support in research
3. Search bibliography
4. Search for bibliographic citations and impact factor
5. Material Circulation – Borrowing, Returning, Renewing and Bookkeeping
6. Borrowing books from and to collaborating libraries
7. Institutional Repository
8. Electronic Sources
9. Open Access
10. Management of textbooks – EYDOXOS (order, returns and redistribution)
11. Virtual Pribate Network (VPN)
12. Support for the disabled
13. Turnitin Software
14. Reading room – PC
15. Order printed and electronic material
16. e-Class e-Learning Platform – Online Courses
17. “Ask us” service
18. You can also arrange an appointment with a qualified Librarian to assist you in your research.

Detailed information on all the above can be found in the respective thematic submenus of the Library site.