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The “Library & Information Center of ASPETE” as a member of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries (S.E.A.B.), participates in the actions of SEAB with the main goal of strengthening Open Access and utilizing scientific research in our country.

The Association of Greek Academic Libraries, in the context of its actions to strengthen Open Access in our country, systematically explores the ways and tools of transition to a new landscape of scientific publication, sustainable and beneficial for public research and education. During this process, it participates in international initiatives, evaluates developments and weighs them with the benefit of the Greek scientific community in mind. The Declaration of the Association for Open Access in Greece expresses its concerns about the inadequacy of the current model of scientific publication and explicitly defines the immediate initiatives it undertakes. The Ministry of Education, Research and Religions, through the Minister Mr. Costas Gavroglou, supports the “Declaration for Open Access in Greece”. The Minister’s consent for the text of the declaration was expressed after a meeting he had with the President of S.E.A.B. (Association of Greek Academic Libraries) Ms. Theodora Ioannidou, on May 31, 2018, at the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions.

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Open Access is the free, unrestricted access to the internet, enabling every user to search, read, download, print the full text of scientific articles, conferences, data, etc.

With Open Access we have the ability to search for scientific research and teaching content without the many restrictions associated with copyright.

Readers are free to use the available material for research, educational and other purposes respecting the terms under which the author made his work available.

The authors give their consent for the open access to their work according to the terms of special licenses (Creative Commons, Open Content License).

More information on publishers’ copyright on open access can be found at Sherpa-Romeo.

Kinds Open Access

“Golden Road” Open Access Magazines: The authors normally submit their works to the magazine, waiting for their acceptance and evaluation by colleagues (peer-review). Upon completion of the evaluation process the papers are published in an issue of the journal and are freely available online.

In open access journals the editorial team retains the copyright of the article and is often required to cover the cost of editing / publishing (known as APC – Article Processing Charge).

“Green Road” Open Access Repositories: The authors submit their works (self-archiving, self-archiving) in an open access depository. These works can be pre-prints, evaluated postprints, technical reports, survey statistics, etc.

Self-archiving is completed without the author’s approval. Today, most publishers of scientific journals allow authors to submit their publications (preprints or postprints) to the repositories of the organizations with which they have a working or affiliation relationship.

More information on the self-archiving policy regarding the rights of publishers to authors can be found at Sherpa-Romeo.

Support tools for researchers for the Association’s open access programs.

Index of eligible Open Access magazines, gives the opportunity to examine whether the magazine is covered by SEAB. 4,695 electronic magazines are included.

Guide of available Open Access options where the researcher can find all the terms Open Access of all collaborating publishers of SEAB.


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Declaration for Open Access in Greece