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Kallipos Repository is a site for collecting books and aids that cover the whole range of cognitive objects of higher education in Greece. The aim of the Depository is the systematic recording, organization and long-term preservation of books of the academic and research community.

The Repository collects the material produced in the framework of the Project “Greek Academic Electronic Books and Aids”. Each produced university textbook corresponds to a taught academic course. For each book that is available as a standalone item, there are chapters that make it up.

Admission to the “Kallipos” Depository is free via the internet, without further restrictions. The Repository provides users / members of the academic community with the ability to search for full-text sources available in (pdf) and epub (format) and retrieve content, organized into learning objects, which can be combined to compose innovative approaches to Higher education courses.

All EPUB files hosted in the “Kallipos” repository can be read online, through the built-in Readium reading software. The Repository includes the following types of items: Electronic books, Book chapters, Images, Audio excerpts, Videos, Mathematical objects, Algorithms, Maps, Tables and Interactive objects.

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Through the HEAL-Link portal, the members of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association have access to the full text of electronic journals and books and to bibliographic databases. Access control is done by identifying IP addresses directly from the publishers. Some publishers support the Certification and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) through shibboleth software. Creating a My-HEAL-Link account is a personalization service and is not involved in the access process.

Copyright law applies to electronic publications in the same way as to print publications. When using the e-journal service you should be aware that:

You accept the provisions of the current legislation on Intellectual Property and Related Rights (Law 2121/93, Law 3049/2002 article 14 and Law 3057/2002 article 81) and that the systematic storage or printing of all the contents of the issues of the magazines is prohibited. and books. You declare responsibly that the items will be used exclusively for your personal study or research.

It is forbidden to systematically store or print the entire content of the issues of the electronic magazines that are available through the Services of HEAL Link. It is pointed out that the use of the above Services is allowed only to users of the Institutions-members of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries, for their personal educational, teaching or research needs only. Any violation of the above terms or other form of abuse of these Services will mean severe penalties for the users and the Institution to which they belong.

Elsevier e-books

Full text in approximately 170 series titles, 91 of which are now available through the Emerald website.

Elsevier Handbooks:
Full text in about 20 textbook titles.

Elsevier Reference Works:
Full text in 58 encyclopedia titles.

Referex Engineering: 
Full text in about 400 e-book titles of the collections Chemical, Petrochemical and Process Engineering Collection, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Collection, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Collection.


Emerald e-Book Series

Πλήρες κείμενο σε 140 περίπου τίτλους των συλλογών Emerald Business, Management and Economics και Emerald Social Sciences. Τρεις από τους τίτλους σειρών (Innovation and Leadership in English Language Teaching, Syntax and Semantics, Studies in Writing) έχουν αγοραστεί από τον Brill και είναι πλέον διαθέσιμοι μονάχα μέσω της δικής του πλατφόρμας .

IEEE Proceedings

Full text in IEEE conference proceedings.

Springer e-Books

Full text in about 2500 e-book titles.

Springer Full eBook Package (Copyright Years 2005-2017)

Full text in more than 65,000 e-book titles including monographs, series monographs and information works such as encyclopedias, atlases, textbooks, etc

Taylor & Francis Group eBooks

Full text in about 500 titles of e-books covering topics of Archeology, Classical Studies and Law.

Wiley Online Books Collection (2011-2015)

Full text in more than 6500 e-book titles of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Open Access

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

Full text in over 8000 e-book titles by 220 publishers.

SciELO Books

Full text in π 500 titles of e-books.


AMELib (Accessible Multi-Modal Electronic Library)

AMELib (Accessible Multimodal Electronic Library) was developed in the framework of the services offered by the Association of Greek Academic Libraries (SEAB) and aims to provide accessibility (via internet) of books to the eligible printed-disabled users of Greek academic libraries. It is also the first attempt of the online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), which documents the available accessible literature in Greece based on international standards, following international developments.

In AMELib, the taught books of the Greek HEIs and TEI that participate in the Cooperative Network are documented and posted. Documents are also provided by copyright holders for this purpose, as well as open access sources.

Formal disability refers to people who have difficulty reading printed material without assistance. This can be due to a physical disability that prevents him / her from holding a book, due to a perceptual or learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, and due to blindness or visual impairment. Beneficiary users of the services of the Cooperative Network and AMELib are the print-dsabled members of the Network libraries. For more information send e-mail: amelib.seab.gr/contact.

Greek law defines persons with disabilities as those who “suffer from defective or impaired vision which cannot be corrected by the use of corrective lenses to such an extent that it is satisfactory to read, are deaf, and generally do not have the ability to read a printed text in a conventional way or to perceive the content of a work with the use of their natural senses ”(article 3 of the relevant Ministry Decision). Beneficiary form-disabled users have access to the entire AMELib collection, regardless of their source.

Organizations – Publishers that provide Open Access to all or some of the e-books




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The books on this page are freely available and have a creative commons license or have been registered with the permission of the authors.