Remote Network - VPN

For the remote connection, the Library & Information Center of ASPETE through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service enables users to be identified (based on the IP address of their computer) as coming from ASPETE, resulting in having access to all services that depend on this, recognition. You can, for example, access online subscription sources such as online journals and bibliographic databases.

1. Conditions

• Have an active Institutional Account
• Have any Internet connection in the area where you are
• Contact the Network Operation and Management Center of ASPETE

ATTENTION: When using the VPN service, your computer is connected to the internet bypassing any security device you have to connect to your ISP (eg ADSL router). You need to take precautions to protect your computer from cyber-threats such as using a firewall, sharing shared folders and printers with a password only.

2. Registration of new users

The VPN service offers the possibility to ASPETE users connected to the Internet from other bodies (eg ISP, other institutions, etc.) to gain secure access to the network and the services of the School. During the VPN connection, a communication channel is created between the user’s computer and the ASPETE network. As long as the connection remains active (maximum 8 hours) all the user’s network traffic (via Internet) passes through the new channel.

For the operation of the VPN, one of the protocols PPTP, L2TP or IPsec is used, depending on the needs of the applications that we want to serve. controlled access sites via IP addresses (eg Online Libraries).

Follow the VPN Connections link for connection instructions

3. Time validity

The service is active as long as the user’s institutional account is active.

4. Report Software Problems

Users can revoke the personal digital certificate as well as state the problems they face in terms of installation and use of the service in the Network Operation and Management Center.

5. Regulation for the Use of Equipment & Network of the Library

Library network users must comply with those governing the use of Library equipment and network. At the following link you will find more information: Regulations.