TURNITIN Search Guide



For your registration in Turnitin you should contact the Library & Information Center of ASPΕTE, at e-mail: library@aspete.gr, you can send your request stating your e-mail address (email) and your name .

For your first login to Turnitin and confirmation of your registration you will receive a message in your email with your username (your email) and temporary password which you can change. The password should be 6 to 12 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number. The other fields of the form must also be filled in, click “Next” and finally click on “I Agree-Continue”.

To enter Turnitin you will use the codes you have stated (e-mail and password).

Creating a Class

To create a lesson click on the “Add Class” button, on the page that will appear fill in the fields. In “Class Type” select “Standard” fill in the course title and course details. Course code (ID) can be given to students to enroll in the course you have created. The start and end dates of the course (start_date and end_date) are valid for six (6) months for each course. Also if you want you can modify the start and end dates of the course as well as change the options you have made to create the course at any time by clicking the “Edit” icon. Click on “Sudmit” to create the lesson.

Job Creation – Assignment

After creating the “Add Class” lesson, you can create an “Assignment” task by clicking on “Add Assignment” to submit task files. Fill in the fields for the “Assignment title”, select the start and end dates that specify the time period during which the work can be submitted and you can specify the “post date” which specifies the date on which work will be accessible to students.

Turnitin software has the ability to edit Originality Reports with the following file types: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP), Google Docs (via Google Drive submission option), plain text files.

If you want to upload a file other than the above file types, select “Allow any file type”, in case Turnitin will not be able to create an Originality Report for this file type you have submitted.

Click the “Submit” button to create the job.

Submission of a Thesis

Once you have created one or more “Assignment” tasks you can submit your tasks for control.

Click the “View” link to the right of the table or more actions and select “Sudmit” by clicking on it. A window will open in which you can add to the “author’s name” field by selecting one of your students or you can fill in the “Non-enrolled student” field and add a new student by filling in his name and surname.

Note: In case the files are password protected they cannot be edited in Turnitin. The size of the files in the post should not exceed 400 pages or 40 MB. Finally, click the “Upload” button.

Originality Reports

To see the work you have submitted “Originality Report” click on the icon next to the similarity percentage, if the icon is gray with two lines it means that the report has not been created in this case press F5 (refresh) on browser you are using.

In the window that will open on the right there is a column in which you can see the sources with which there is a similarity at some point in the work.

You are also given the opportunity to examine all the assignments in the course you have created. You can click on the button to the right that states the percentage and see in detail the information given for each case and sub-case which have created the reference percentage. If you want you can exclude some sources by evaluating them.

Note: Clicking the “Exclude” button and removing some references may affect the similarity rate.

Job Deletion

To delete a job from Turnitin, a written request must be submitted to the Turnitin Administrator of the ASPAITE Library & Information Center email: library@aspete.gr. The administrator can only request the deletion of a job by giving the following information: Paper ID number, Class ID number and assignment name. Turnitin can delete a job permanently so that it is no longer a searchable source.

From the options given in “Add Assignment – Optinal Settings” you can select “Submit papers to: No repository” and create a job that will not be saved in Turnitin.