Lending books for students

Book Lending Regulations for students

ASPΕTE Library & Information Center provides the book Lending service to students and is lending to all its active members.

At the Customer Service and Information Office:

  • New Member Registration
  • Lending Statement Update
  • Lending
  • Material debit
  • Instructions for searching, locating and retrieving material in the Library’s Search Catalog

1. What is a lending service?

– The Library & Information Center of ASPΕTE is lending to all its active members.

The lending service is responsible for:

– For borrowing, renewal, reservation, recall of material and ensures its timely return.

– For the registration of new members, the deletion of graduates from the user database and the issuance of a certificate of non-debt books.

– It is also responsible for answering users’ questions about how the Office of Customer Service and Information operates.

– For the issuance of statistics, as they are exported from the Integrated Library Environment as a Service (ILSaS).

– To reposition the returned material on the shelves according to the Dewey classification system.

– For the proper operation of the reading room and the observance of safety rules by users.

3. Who has the right to borrow

All students of the academic community (undergraduate – postgraduate students, students of EPPAIK – PESYP) who are registered have the right to borrow.

4. How can I become a member

In order for lending to be possible, members of the academic community will have to register as members by submitting the necessary supporting documents.

a. Undergraduate – Postgraduate students: Demonstration of academic identity is required. In case the academic ID is not active, there must be the corresponding confirmation of the secretariat that the student status is valid.

b. Students of EPPAIK – PESYP: In order for the students of the annual training program to acquire the right to borrow, they will have to show their police ID since they are not entitled to an academic one. If the users come from the branches of EPPAIK – PESYP throughout Greece have the same rights and obligations of other users and in order to register as members, they must send by e-mail their police ID and a certificate from the local secretariats that indeed their student status applies.

The academic-police ID is strictly personal and is not borrowed from another person. In case of change of data (address, contact telephones, e-mail) the users must inform in time in order for the staff to make the update. Users’ personal data and loans are personal data and are not transferred to third parties.

All categories of users can receive the application either from the Office of Service and Information of Users.

In order to obtain the right to lend to the Library & Information Center of ASPΕTE, your physical presence and the demonstration of the Academic Identity, which is through physical identification, is necessary, in this way you become an active member of the Library in terms of your book loan service.

4. Collection – Material categories

a. Regular lending collection: Includes the main collection of the Library and mainly book material and CD-ROM which is accompanying book material.

b. Collection of non-borrowed material: Includes unique copies, reference material (dictionaries, encyclopedias), audiovisual material (videocassettes), rare material and periodicals. Unique copies are borrowed only on a case-by-case basis and for a limited period of time (one-day borrowing).

c. Collection of extended lending: These are specific book titles intended for fortnightly lending to students of EPPAIK – PESYP

5. Time and amount of material I can borrow

Postgraduates 4 5 working days
Undergraduate Students 4 4 working days
Students of Ε.Π.ΠΑΙ.Κ. – Π.Ε.ΣΥ.Π. 4

5 working days

*(15 days for the collection of the extended loan)


6. Return of material

The return of the material must be done in time at the Office of Service and User Information of the Library of ASPAITE, according to the predetermined date set by the competent staff. The book or any other kind of material should be returned in the condition in which it was borrowed. Borrowing and repayment days are strictly observed and applied to all categories of users.

7. Material renewal

The material is renewed at the Office of Service and Information of Users, if no reservation has been made by another user. Users are required to have the items with them. All categories of students are entitled to two (2) renewals of four (4) or five (5) days respectively. Telephone or e-mail renewals are not made, except in cases where there is a health problem or users are outside Athens.

8. Withdrawal of borrowed material

The Customer Service and Information Office has the right to request back borrowed material, where deemed necessary and if seven (7) days have elapsed from the initial borrowing. Users must comply and must return the material within three (3) business days from the date of notification. Because of the secrecy of the loan, the Office of Customer Service and Information can not provide personal information of the interested user. This service aims at the best service of all members of the Library & Information Center of ASPAITE.

9. Material reservation

All users have the right to book borrowed material as long as they are sure that copies are available. Users are prioritized and notified by phone or e-mail by the relevant staff of the Office of Customer Service and Information. The retained material remains on the reservation shelf for two (2) days. At the end of the two days, it is either lent to the next user on the waiting list or put back on the shelves. In case there is an increased demand for the material, the loan is valid for four (4) days without the right of extension for the best service for all.

10. Overdue returns

Users must return the borrowed material on the due date. In case of violation of the lending rules, a penalty of loan deprivation is imposed equal to the period of the delay, a fact that is also noted in the card of each user. Graduates who have debts to the Library & Information Center of ASPAITE can not receive the certificate of non-debt of books required for their swearing in.

11. Loss-destruction of borrowing

Users must return the material to be borrowed in good condition, so a precautionary check should be made when moving away from the Library. Potential damage or loss should be reported to the Customer Service and Information Office so that damaged or lost material can be replaced. If the material to be replaced is not commercially available, the user can replace it with material of similar theme or a newer version in the case of a book.