Inter-lending for Teachers

The Library & Information Center of ASPETE from June 2016 provides the service of Interlibrary Loan of books to its users in collaboration with the interlibrary loan network of Greek Academic Libraries (D.D.E.B.) which is internationally referred to as Hellenic Interlibrary Loan network. Interlending is carried out with the book borrowing management system “IRIS”, developed in the framework of the actions of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association (S.E.A.B.), both as a customer and as a supplier.

The Interlending service of the Library & Information Center of ASPETE has as its mission the service of its members as well as the members of other academic Libraries. The interlibrary loan process depends on the type of material, the quality of the user as well as the policy of the collaborating libraries.
For more information, follow the link: SKEAB Library Lending Policy.

Purpose of the Regulation

The purpose of this text is to define the policy followed by the Library & Information Center of ASPETE regarding the interlibrary loan service.


Lending is the service of lending books or articles, which are not included in the printed or digital collection of a Library and can be sourced from other collaborating libraries in order to meet the information needs of users.


A necessary condition for the promotion of the request, in case you want it to be you, is the payment of the amount of money required for the order of the books. In any case, the interested party will receive proof that he has paid the required amount.

Who has the right to use:
The following categories have the right to use this service:

  • Educational personnel
  • Administrative staff
  • Postgraduates
  • Undergraduate students

Those interested should be active members of the Library & Information Center of ASPETE and have no debts. It is necessary for the identification of the user data to show the valid academic identity. Academic identity is strictly personal and is not borrowed from anyone else.

Order limit for each category of users:
The order limit that has been established is the following:

For undergraduate students three (3) orders and up to four (4) books per order.
• For professors, postgraduate students five (5) orders per Academic Year and up to four (4) books per order.
• Administrative Staff five (5) orders per Academic Year and up to four (4) books per order.

Lending Requests:

The interlibrary loan application must be submitted:
• either electronically at the following link, save the application document on your hard drive, fill in all the details of the form and send it attached to the following link:
• either on site at the library, at the Office of Customer Service and Information.
The application should be completed correctly with as complete a bibliographic data as possible in order to identify the items correctly and quickly.

What material can be ordered:
Books and articles that are not included in the Library’s collection can be ordered through Interlending. Before proceeding with the request, the users should look for the respective item in the electronic catalog of the Library*gre so as to make sure that it really exists and to be served faster.

The material can be received by our user:
Users who are geographically served to go to the Library of interest themselves must state this at their request. When they go to the respective library they have to present their Academic Identity, in order to complete the interlibrary loan. This way users can reduce the waiting time as well as the shipping costs. In this case, they have the obligation to return the borrowed material themselves.

The material will be sent to the Library:
Users who wish to have their material sent to them, at the ASPAITE Library must declare it at their request.

Shipping charges:

The costs of receiving and sending the material, which is carried out through Inter-Borrowing, are borne by the interested party and are prepaid.

Time required for the arrival of the books:

Requests are met on average within a few days, a time that also depends on the partner library. The Library is not responsible for any delays during the arrival of the material. In case the request is not completed, the user is informed and refunded the amount he paid to cover the shipping costs.

Information on the arrival and receipt of the material:
Applicants will be notified of the arrival of the material by phone or e-mail. While receiving updates throughout the progress of the request. Borrowed items are received from the Service and Information office of the Library, upon presentation of the Academic Identity.

Borrowing period:
The interlibrary loan of the material lasts up to ten (10) working days and the first day is considered the day of receipt by the Library.

Return material:
Users are required to return the borrowed material to the respective library from which they received the material. They must adhere to the respective return dates of the borrowed items, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Interlibrary loan service in relation to the other cooperating libraries.

Users are also responsible for keeping the material in good condition. In case of damage, destruction or loss by the competent personnel, users are obliged to cover the costs.

The competent librarians of the Library in case of delay of the borrowed material have the possibility to impose the corresponding penalties provided by the respective Library-supplier.


Who has the right to use:
The ASPAITE Library has the ability to satisfy requests that come from other academic libraries and not to individual users (through the “IRIS” Interlibrary Loan system) and which respect and comply with all the rules of Interlibrary Loan.

Material that can be provided:
The ASPAITE Library is currently lending books belonging to its collection and
is not subject to the restrictions listed below.

Borrowing period:

The borrowing period of the material is ten (10) days, always taking into account the time needed to transfer the material to other provincial cities and to Athens.

Submission of applications:
The submission of applications is done through the “IRIS” Interlending system. The details must be as complete and accurate as possible for immediate and better service.

Shipping costs are borne by the borrowed library through a courier of its choice.

Categories of material not borrowed:
Rare and old books, information material (encyclopedias, dictionaries), volumes and issues of magazines, books that are already on loan, material that is in the process of technical processing.


The Library reserves the right to withdraw the material in case of serious issues such as when requested by its own user. Also, renewals are made by arrangement.

Return material:

The return of the material should be done within the timeframes set by the Library of ASPAITE. It should also be ensured that the material to be returned will not be damaged during transport. Special care should be taken for the fragile material and it would be good to use an envelope with a special inner lining.

Penalties in case of delay, loss, disaster:
In case of delay in the return, destruction or loss of the material, the cooperating library is obliged to cover all the expenses for the restoration of the books.


The ASPAITE Library reserves the right not to provide the above services to local users or Libraries, which do not comply with the above terms of the regulation.

Users must use the material for personal study and research in accordance with Law 121/1993, “On the Protection of Intellectual Property and Related Rights”.

For any clarification or assistance regarding the rules of Borrowing, the interested users or collaborating bodies can contact the competent staff for the support of the service.

Alternatively, users can send the request electronically to the e-mail: with the staff responsible for supporting the service. Alternatively, users belonging to ASPETE can also be informed by the Office of Service and Information of Users.