Management of Bibliographic References

References are an important and integral part of a research paper.

Bibliographic references are created when we use data, information, data, etc. of another author and include them in our research work.

Bibliographic reference management software (tools) enable us to organize all the information sources we have used with a correct and structured methodology, based on the existing bibliography standards (eg APA, MLA etc.).

With the bibliographic citation management tools we can create the bibliographic citations either during the elaboration of the research work or at the completion of its creation.

Bibliographic reference management tools provide the ability to:

  • Search and save files so that they are organized in any format (doc, pdf etc).
  • Import bibliographic references directly from web databases, websites, etc.
  • Creation and organization of bibliographic reports.
  • Formatting of bibliographic reports (MLA, APA, etc.),
  • Creation of bibliographic reports in other research works.
  • Collaboration between researchers in the same field.

The Library suggests the following tools for better organization of the Bibliographic References of your research: