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The Electronic Catalog (OPAC) of the Library provides quick access to the Library’s printed collection from any computer connected to the internet. Our goal is for users, with our instructions, to search and locate quickly and efficiently the printed material that interests them. (Tip: Also write down the Book Number of the book to find it on the shelves).

After the transfer of the registrations of ASPAITE, in the new collaborative catalog model of SEAB (Association of Greek Academic Libraries) with the name ILSaS (Integrated Library System as a Service), use for your searches new OPAC, follow the link: Online Directory

User Account Service: Log in to my Account. Library members will be able to have personalized information, such as seeing their borrowed material, updating it, etc. (Under construction)


Searching in the Unified Catalog of the Collaborative Network of MITOS Academic Libraries, you can find entries in 27 Greek Academic Libraries. You can search all Libraries through the single search or select one Library. Follow the link: Opac.seab

Collective Catalog of Greek Academic Libraries

The Collective Program of the Greek Academic Libraries (SKEAB), in February 2014 released the 9th edition of the Collective Catalog, with approximately 4,089,230 bibliographic records and 69 bibliographic databases from 59 Academic Libraries members of S .Κ.Ε.Α.Β. Follow the link: Collective Catalog of Greek Academic Libraries

Printed Magazines

Look for the titles of print magazines in the Library’s online catalog.
To search for magazine titles, use the Magazine Search

Electronic Magazines

The collection of electronic magazines of the Library (Β.Κε.Π.) of ASPETE consists of approximately 11,700 titles of electronic journals, which come mainly from the Library’s participation in the Consortium of Greek Academic Libraries. Some of the titles coming from databases may not be offered in full text.

Users within the University network have the right to access the collection of the Library’s electronic journals. For remote access to the network you can connect through the VPN service contact the Network Operation and Management Center of ASPETE.

Outside the University Network, users have limited rights, such as: browsing the tables of contents and / or abstracts of hundreds of journals, displaying on their computer screen, the full text of articles from scientific journals, which are available online for free or selected articles and / or issues from certain magazines for which subscription is required.


Through this web portal the members of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association have access to the full text of electronic journals and bibliographic databases. Access control is done by identifying IP addresses directly from the publishers. Creating a My-HEAL-Link account is a personalization service and is not involved in the access process.

Copyright law applies to electronic publications in the same way as to print publications. When using the e-journal service you should be aware that:

You accept the provisions of the current legislation on Intellectual Property and Related Rights (Law 2121/93, Law 3049/2002 article 14 and Law 3057/2002 article 81) and that the systematic storage or printing of all the contents of the issues of the magazines is prohibited. and books. Use the items responsibly exclusively for your personal study or research.

It is forbidden to systematically store or print the entire content of the issues of the electronic magazines that are available through the Services of HEAL Link. It is pointed out that the use of the above services is allowed only to users of the Institutions-members of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries, for their personal educational, teaching or research needs only. Any violation of the above terms or other form of abuse of these Services will mean severe penalties for the users and the Institution to which they belong.

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