We inform you that given the new conditions created by the new wave of the pandemic due to covid-19, the Library & Information Center of ASPAITE is suspended.
The Reading Room is not working, also there are no loans and returns. The renewals of the books are done automatically.

You can contact by e-mail at library@aspete.gr

As well as the following contact numbers and e-mails:

Deputy Head Trianti Alexandra, tel. 210-2896796 e-mail atrianti@aspete.gr
Vareli Aikaterini, tel .: 210-2896788 email: avareli@aspete.gr
Gryntakis Michael, tel .: 210-2896979 email: mgrintakis@aspete.gr
Karavasili Maria, tel .: 210-2896983 email: mkaravasili@aspete.gr
Birli Maria, tel .: 210-2896978 email: mbirli@aspete.gr

Useful websites to support your research are HEAL-Link https://www.heal-link.gr/, where you can find online magazines and e-books, and the Kallipos academic textbook repository, https://repository.kallipos.gr/.

We are working on providing remote access, you will be notified in the near future.

The Library as a member of SEAB, provides information, in order to support the work of the scientific community and to minimize the impact of COVID-19, have proceeded to a series of actions, which can be found here.

Also through the COVID-19 Open Research Gateway, created by OpenAIRE, you can access pandemic-related content.

For information on Bibliographic Databases & Full Text Databases / Information material see here