On behalf of the Scientific Communication Unit, we would like to inform you that the reporting with data on the contribution of Greek researchers in SCOAP3 publications for 2020 has been completed.

SCOAP3 is the consortium that supports the publication of articles in High-Energy Physics scientific journals in Open Access mode. Each country / member contributes to the SCOAP3 budget with an amount derived from an appropriate algorithm, which was developed in the research phase of the project and which takes into account the number of research publications of each country / member in the field of High Energy Physics. Specifically, Greece in the two years 2017-2018 represented 0.5% of the publishing production and based on this percentage the country’s participation for the three years (2020-2022) was calculated.

Our country participates with the assistance of SEAB and the present report, which has been prepared in the framework of the action monitoring the progress of the Open Access programs of SEAB, gives the data of the participation of Greek researchers in 2020.

The Report for the participatory program SCOAP3 2020 is available on the page with all the reports of the Scientific Communication Unit.